My Trauma and medical conditions are not the end of my story. These things do not define me or dictate my life. Instead, they are part of the ever wondrous experience of being alive. This experience has a purpose! That purpose is to spread understanding, belonging and also some downright hard truths about what we're doing here on this planet, and how much time we've got left to get it done!

My life hasn't been easy. However, I've found some insightful gems that have helped me win medals at the Paralympic and X Games, win World Championships, and bounce back from multiple kidney transplants and other unfortunate events. I know these insights can be helpful to those who are looking to enhance their life mission or bounce back after hardship.

I'm a professionally trained speaker, Toastmasters club member, and musical performer. At the same time, I don't have an extensive speaking resume. The last two years, I've been healing after kidney rejection — more on that on the Brave Blog. Therefore, my compensation is negotiable, and my message is powerful! If you would like to explore the options for me to speak to your group or workplace, please send a message to me directly through the contact form HERE.

I look forward to hearing from you!