Hi! I’m Lace.

BRAVE has become my mantra for everything from going to the grocery store, healing through kidney failure, and persuing my most challenging projects. It means Showin' up for whatever life has to offer today, even if I darn well don't feel like it. As the poet, Mary Oliver asks, "What will you do with your one Wild and Precious Life?" Well, I know I don't want to waste it wondering what I coulda' shoulda' done, or by trying to be so careful. Instead, I'm on a mission to spread love, hope, and belonging to those wild-hearted warrior souls who've experienced trauma and want to awaken to their hearts true calling. Have you ever felt like your eyes were peeled wide open from some harrowing experience? It's sometimes hard to feel courageous after something like that. I get it. However, I hope that, by sharing my own experiences, you will find the courage to reimagine what your life can be like! I want you to know it's not over! You still have so much life to live!

The Brave Lace Project is all about exploring those yesteryear projects that get our blood pumping and guts jolting! So we can enjoy the last great bits of our lives and leave behind a legacy we can feel proud of.

I hope you'll join my mission to SHOW UP BRAVE!

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