Happy New Years


A friend asked me later if I could play this song again. Honestly, I would have to learn it first, I told him. Some of the ideas I had lined out in my mind, and some of the transitions, but I quite literally was feeling it January 1, and just had to bust this one out. It took all of 1 hour. Mostly because I was trying to figure out how to record it in my bathroom where the acoustics sounded best with a house full of people. I dare say I don't even know what chords I was playing, or where that capo was placed. All I knew was that I had to say this - New Years resolutions are a bunch of nonsense. We torture ourselves trying to improve our exterior world. It's really our inner world that needs a little light shed on it. "Maybe this year it's not about changing who I am, but changing my perception of who you are." That, to me, is my deepest paradigm shift for 2016. Imagine what would happen if we just did that one thing. Not worry about our weight, and eating less sugar, and eating more greens, etc. But simply focused on others. What would happen? What could happen?