WHAT'S YOUR SUMMIT? Episode 2: Twin Falls Trail, Washington

We hiked to Twin Falls, which are two beautiful waterfalls inside the Twin Falls National Park. We had two new hikers with us, Benjamin and Jennifer Thompson, my husband and sister-in-law. It was great having them on this adventure. Benjamin and I have been married for 12 years. We practically think alike. So when it came to getting up and over big rocks, the movement was much more intuitive. Jennifer had never gone on a hike with me. She has helped me up and down stairs at her house and watched Ben carry me up and down lighthouses, and other crazy places, but this was a first. I am so glad she came and had an opportunity to jump in the ice cold mountain water!

As I was editing this video, I had a particular feeling that 'Yes! We're doing it!' I think because we had a larger group this time and everyone was taking turns and working together. Secondly, almost everyone, including Sophia and Tychon, jumped in the water! The looks on everyone's faces when they emerged was so pure! There is something about choosing to jump into ice cold glacial water that can make a person feel truly alive! You feel stronger, invigorated, rejuvenated, and brave! We chose to challenge ourselves and we lived! For a lot of people that would be too much for them. It would invoke too much fear and the thought of jumping into dark natural waters would be alarming. The beauty is... that's the point! It's the first step towards awakening to your true authentic nature! Personal Challenge awakens your personal power and your perspective about yourself begins to shift. When this happens, you start looking at the world differently. The world is a less scary place, and you can connect with it more and more. So beautiful!

I didn't show any of the hike down because it felt so natural to end at the waterfall. Plus, the video was getting long. It was my goal to make this video significantly shorter from the first. I accomplished that only by leaving out half the video. HA!

Lastly, after this video, I went home to Idaho and had my Freewheel worked on by Pat Doherty, the man who makes the Freewheel. He gave me practically a new Freewheel and sponsored the whole endeavor. I am very excited about the next hike! It's going to be great hiking with a properly fit Freewheel. We won't have problems with it falling off anymore. 

Big thanks to the Daly, Preston, and Thompson's for being my Team SUMMIT for this hike! What a great time!

If you would like to take part in the next Summit, please contact us at