Right after Nationals, I rushed home to be with my band, The Sheep Bridge Jumpers, to play multiple sets on multiple stages at the TreeFort Music Festival in Boise, Idaho. Wow! What an incredible time! This was our third time playing the festival and it doesn't get old singing and playing our local haunts and favorite stages, as well as listen to some of the most incredible artists shred their style of music. I absolutely LOVE and am honored to get the opportunity to be a part of such an incredible event. Right in my hometown too!

After our third stage on Sunday at the Bittercreek Brewery for brunch, I left thinking about my future. What would it be like returning to ski racing? Would I have to give up my love of music? I wished in my heart of hearts I could find a way to combine my two passions together. To create this fusion where I could do both. Was it a pipe dream to live in two worlds? At the same time, I thought about how most of my bandmates were just like me! They were all skiers or snowboarders, just like me, who were called by the mountains, and shared that love through music. Cody Barnhill, our bassest, and a fine shredder has made a career of skiing and also spends time infusing music into his life. Connor Wade, our fiddle and mandolin player is a full-time teacher, writes songs about skiing our local mountains and spends his free time playing music as often as possible. Cameron Bouiss, drummer, works at a ski shop in the winters and runs his own business to boot! So does Mark, the lead singer! He's a full-time photographer/videographer with his own business, snowboards and announces comps in the winter, and finds time to manage this band, too! Then there's me. I do all the same things, but I fit more closely along the lines of starving artist.

Somehow I would like to actually thrive while I'm going for my passions of adventuring and playing music. Perhaps together. Time will tell I suppose.