Day 2 First GS Nationals


I'm not skiing like a ski racer at all! I'm enjoying my free ski run after first run inspection, imagining I'm riding a snowboard, working my single plank edge-to-edge at my own pace. And I'm smiling so huge! This is me! This is what I love to do! Listening to my body and how and where it wants to move.
I've gotten very accustom to listening to my own rhythms. My very survival has been dependent on me being attuned to what my body, my mind, and spirit needs from me. Not to say I'm a guru at listening to my needs, but I've definitely developed a practice of listening. I know this because I'm aware when I'm consciously ignoring them. And now I'm here. Ski racing and noticing all kinds of things!
I remember who I use to be and how I use to have no clue what I needed, or how I actually skied, or what I wanted. I just waited for someone to tell me how to do it and what to do. Then I'd attempt to fiercely do that. Not a bad tactic, but also not exactly self aware.

I can see why ski racing was awesome when I was young! I was moldable and impressionable! Like a sponge I soaked up all this fascinating micro technical knowledge about ski racing and all of its possibilities. I aimed to please and stretched to win!
Now it's pay bills, avoid breaks and sprains, more time, energy and freedom I long for. Ha! Don't get me wrong... I still LOVE racing! And I love tuning skis and being part of a team and skiing and training. But can I truly afford it in other ways?!? You know what's very cool to me? All the incredible athletes! Wow! I watch them fly down the course today and I was looking around thinking, "where are all the spectators? Where are the bands and fans for these guys?" Everyone skied so well and was really giving 'er!" So cool!

Day 2: I finished 2 good Giant Slalom runs after 10 years of ski racing retirement, and came in 3rd! Not bad for this come back gal!
Then I crashed in the finish and took a ride in the wambulance to ER where they determined I am fine. Most expensive day ever! I'll be racing again tomorrow! @pocsports @uvexsports @smithoptics @pingtour @loonpov @usparaalpineski @volklskis Thank you coaches!