Day 4 First Slalom Nationals

Day 4: First day of slalom. DNF. That's what it says on the print out next to my name. It stands for “Did Not Finish.” On my second slalom run I hooked my outrigger on a gate and it spun me around so that I couldn't push myself and my heavy sit ski back up to finish the race. The rules state that, if you fall you can finish the race without assistance, but if you receive assistance you are disqualified. I flailed around on the course for a bit, but I knew that with the tip of my ski higher than my tail, I wasn't getting up any time soon. Assistance came and I accepted it… gladly.

10 years ago I would have been extremely disappointed in myself and beaten myself up relentlessly for my shortcoming. She was a champion, but she wasn't that nice to herself. With age comes patience and realistic expectations. Having any expectations of myself, in any kind of race at this point in my life, is like sprinkling fairy dust on a pile of shit hoping it turns into a pony! Ok, maybe I can have some expectation, especially after winning some hardware already at these races, and my past experience, but slalom? It's #slalom. Let's just say the poopy pony is more true.

I celebrated by taking teammate, Ricci, to visit my sister's place #dacres permaculter farmstead. I hadn't been there before. It was really cool to see so many working and moving parts to the land conservation going on there, even in the winter getting ready for the growing spring season. I was very inspired by the efforts of the many hands that had touched that place.

Later we had spaghetti dinner, a Wednesday night tradition, at the Browns -my Dorchester, New Hampshire neighbors. The food was warm, delicious and the company was exquisite. Ricci and I were supposed to go to a race banquet, but this was - from what I heard later - way better.

My niece and nephew told jokes that had us laughing and crying. We played music and mostly we spent quality time together that warmed my soul right up! There are some things in life you just can't win, and medals can't buy. #lifeisshort #sowhat #lifeisbeautiful #momentslikethis #makingmusic